Ford Credit


Apply in just Three Simple Steps

  1. Complete the credit application
  2. Review and submit your application
  3. Head to a dealer with your decision certificate

Your Privacy is Important to Us

Any information you give us will be used to make a credit decision.
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What About Security?

Your personal information is secure with Ford Credit. All information is encrypted and protected.
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3 Steps to apply

Ready to apply for credit? See if you’re approved in three easy steps.

1. Apply

Begin by filling out the short application. It’s not required that you select a vehicle to get a credit decision. So don’t worry if you’re having a hard time choosing.

2. Review

Read over your application and make sure all the information is correct. Then click submit and we’ll get you a credit decision right away.

3. Drive

Print your certificate and head to your dealer. Even if you haven’t been approved, they can help you find the Ford Credit financing that works for you.